MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC was initially founded in 1974 by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, the "Mother of Coaching."

In 2007, Dr. Chérie and Michael Pomije discovered Lightspeed Virtual Training. 

They were so impressed that they decided to become affiliated with this cutting-edge technology so that their students could learn on their own, in their own space, on their own schedule, at their pace of learning. 

They were delighted with the prospect of utilizing the technology with the coaching information and training. 

Initially, the MMSVT was created and was effective for many years, and then when MMS expanded globally it was even more effective with international students who improved their English skills utilizing a dual benefit.

In 2021, MMSVT Coach Training area has been updated by Dr. Chérie so that it is available and accessible to people everywhere. 

It is an affordable introduction to coaching that can help an individual determine if they truly want to become a certified coach. If that is their calling, they can then sign up for an MMS certified coach training either the 66-hour or the 125-hour, depending upon their goals, schedule, timeframes, and budget.  

We are proud of the new MMSVT Coach Training and recommend it to everyone who wants to start their coaching journey from the “Mother of Coaching.”

Sign up for the 7-day Complementary offer and then you will love the 30-day course. Do it now!